The Reviews Are In...

February 15, 2015 Joe S

and the 2014 Christmas Brennivín has been declared delicious! Read the mini-review and interview with Cocktail & Cologne's Harry Sheff right here.

Portland, Oregon Update (Updated) and a Brennivin Question Answered

January 29, 2015 Joe S

Not only is Icelandair beginning direct service between PDX and Reykjavik this spring, but now you can purchase Brennivín in Portland (and throughout Oregon) as well. Brennivín is available as a special order through any state liquor store in Oregon, or stop by Fenrir in Portland for a drink. Update: Brennivín is now also on offer at Multnomah Whiskey Library 1124 SW Alder St. in Portland. We've gotten a bunch of emails asking "What herbs are used to make Brennivin?" The answer might surprise you. Caraway. 100% caraway. Caraway and only caraway!