Stýrikerfi @ ITPSpace in Jackson

February 28, 2014 Joe S

Brennivin America is very excited to be hosting the opening of Stýrikerfi  at the ITPSpace gallery in Jackson this Saturday, March 1st, from 7pm to 9pm. A solo exhibit of artist Christopher Meerdo, Stýrikerfi has been described in the Jackson Hole News & Guide as "different ways of looking at the landscape...being a tourist or a transplant or something, and Icelanders who see the landscape very differently.” Come join us Saturday evening. ITPSpace is located at  130 S. Jackson St., Jackson WY. Kær kveðja, Joe

In the news - Jackson Hole News & Guide, and AP!

February 22, 2014 Joe S

In this week's Jackson Hole News and Guide, writer Josh Cooper discusses Brennivin with The Rose's Jeff Grdinich, The Bird's Ted Hansen, and myself. Even better, it was picked up by the AP. Kær kveðja, Joe

In the news - JH Weekly

February 01, 2014 Joe S

It was a really nice surprise to open up the local paper in Jackson Hole, the JH Weekly, and see a full color picture of a Brennivin bottle staring back at me. In a piece entitled "Black Death headed for Jackson", writer Jake Nichols warns locals, and visitors to Jackson, it's coming! Kær kveðja, Joe