In the news - Jackson Hole News & Guide, and AP!

February 22, 2014 Joe S

In this week's Jackson Hole News and Guide, writer Josh Cooper discusses Brennivin with The Rose's Jeff Grdinich, The Bird's Ted Hansen, and myself. Even better, it was picked up by the AP. Kær kveðja, Joe


February 15, 2014 Joe S

It has been an exciting week for everyone here in Jackson WY, and in Reykjavik. Here's a shot of Árni loading up our first container, and a peek at one of the first bottles to come off the line with the new 2014 logo. This first shipment left Reykjavik on Friday, on its way to the USA on board the Westerkade. Follow her progress along with us on Kær kveðja, Joe

In the news - JH Weekly

February 01, 2014 Joe S

It was a really nice surprise to open up the local paper in Jackson Hole, the JH Weekly, and see a full color picture of a Brennivin bottle staring back at me. In a piece entitled "Black Death headed for Jackson", writer Jake Nichols warns locals, and visitors to Jackson, it's coming! Kær kveðja, Joe  

The Adventure Begins...

January 30, 2014 Joe S

Bringing Iceland's signature spirit, Brennivin, back to America was easy when it was just a bottle or two at a time. But the more friends who tried it, the more they wanted bottles of their own. So along with my good friend Jason in California, I set out to bring over a whole lot of Brennivin. Yeah, you can thank us later... In the next few weeks our first shipment will finally be available at bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in my home of Jackson, Wyoming, as well as in select establishments in New York and California. While we have...