Brennivín and other Icelandic Spirits in the News

August 19, 2014 Joe S

Wanted to check in from the middle of our road trip (Joe has been in Reykjavik, Jason in Seattle) to let everyone know about Kenny Herzog's great piece exploring the new wave of Icelandic spirits finally coming to our shores. Check it out here at Made Man. Don't forget, August merch orders will be shipped when everyone is back at the office in early September.

Brennivin @ Made in Iceland VII

May 09, 2014 Joe S

Brennivin America made an appearance in LA last weekend at the release party for 'Made in Iceland VII'. Three great performances, DJ sets, lots of ice cold Brennivin, and a very good time. Thanks to the organizers for putting it all together. LA, be warned, Brennivin will be hitting bars in your city soon.   Setting up... Serious Brennivin fan... Sin Fang The Evening Guests Steed Lord