Ready for Fall!

September 24, 2016 Joe S

With a restock of our classic white-on-black t-shirts and the first official drop of our lightweight hoodies, we are ready for Fall. Our shirt supplier has raised prices for their larger sizes (3XL in t-shirts, XL in hoodies) so there is now a slight upcharge on those items. If you are looking for our traditional, black label, Brennivín check out our availability list. Not yet in your state? Maybe one of our partners can ship to you?

Back from Airwaves!

November 17, 2015 Joe S

We are back from Airwaves 2015, and the office is open. If you weren't able to make it, you can still follow this link to download over 6 hours of tracks from the bands that performed. put together by our friends at the Reykjavik Grapevine.

Summer Updates

July 08, 2015 Joe S

We've been working hard to add new bars, restaurants, and liquor stores to the Brennivín family.  Look for us at Astor Wines, Aquavit, Death & Co, and The Up & Up in Manhattan, and Duke's Liquor Box in Brooklyn. If you are in San Francisco you can now find Brennivín at Mollie Stone's Markets in the Bay Area. Outside of Boston the crew at Ceia Kitchen + Bar are doing amazing things.  And in Portland Oregon, find Brennivín at Angel Face, Shift Drinks, Broder Nord, and Expatriate. Can't find Brennivín near you? Try one of our retail partners: East Coast: DrinkUpNY Mountain States: The Liquor Store of Jackson...

Portland, Oregon Update (Updated) and a Brennivin Question Answered

January 29, 2015 Joe S

Not only is Icelandair beginning direct service between PDX and Reykjavik this spring, but now you can purchase Brennivín in Portland (and throughout Oregon) as well. Brennivín is available as a special order through any state liquor store in Oregon, or stop by Fenrir in Portland for a drink. Update: Brennivín is now also on offer at Multnomah Whiskey Library 1124 SW Alder St. in Portland. We've gotten a bunch of emails asking "What herbs are used to make Brennivin?" The answer might surprise you. Caraway. 100% caraway. Caraway and only caraway!

October Availability Update - Brennivín in Boston & all over Massachusetts

October 17, 2014 Joe S

After a lot of hints, and a lot of work, we are finally able to announce that Brennivín is now available for sale throughout Massachusetts. MS Walker, our newest distribution partner, has bottles in stock and ready to go. To get it to you faster, just ask your favorite bar, restaurant, or liquor store to order some today from their MS Walker rep.