Brennivín in The NY Post & More

November 30, 2014 Joe S

In case you missed it, the NY Post did a roundup (here) of hard-to-find, international spirits now being poured in some of NYC's more adventurous bars and restaurants. Our good friends at Skal NYC made the list, with Brennivin of course. Speaking of NYC, the guys at Baby's All Right, in Williamsburg are now serving Brennivin. They're at 146 Broadway, right down the block from Peter Luger Steakhouse. Pretty obvious what we'll be doing on our next trip to Brooklyn! Portland bartender, blogger, and all around Aquavit enthusiast, Jacob Grier, included Brennivin in a recent post (here). We're looking forward...

August Merch Orders - East Coast Update

August 09, 2014 Joe S

Want to relax in a great Brennivin t-shirt before the end of summer? Order quickly. The office will be closed on Tuesday the 12th of August as we head out on the road. We're getting things ready up in Seattle and also in another East Coast city, that's still a any orders placed after Monday the 11th of August will be shipped when HQ reopens after Labor Day. Orders placed up to the 11th will ship out on the morning of August 12th.

June Merch Orders

June 06, 2014 Joe S

We'll be working hard on the road next week in LA and SF, so any merch orders placed between June 6th and June 15th will ship out on the 16th of June. Thanks for your understanding. Skal!

April Merch Orders

April 04, 2014 Joe S

We have a lot of travel planned for the month April. As a result, merch orders recevied by April 6th will be shipped out by the 7th. Orders placed after the 6th of April will be shipped when Brennivin America HQ reopens on the 19th of the month. Thanks for your understanding!