Holiday Updates

The holidays are soon upon us, and then we've got a bunch of events planned. Right after Thanksgiving we'll be checking out Icelandic metal act Zhrine opening for Ulcerate at St. Vitus in NYC on November 29th. Then it is Aquavit Week with events in Portland, OR, NYC, Chicago, and Houston.

All merch orders placed after November 24th will ship out in mid December, after the Aquavit Week madness. 

If you are looking for bottles of Brennivín check out our availability list. Not yet in your state? Maybe one of our partners can ship to you?

East Coast: DrinkUpNY

Mountain States: The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole

West Coast: K&L Wines


Ultra-Black Ltd. Edition Hoodie

Ultra-Black Ltd. Edition Hoodie

As is tradition here at Brennivin America HQ, in the weeks leading up to Airwaves we do a small run of special merch to celebrate. For Iceland Airwaves 2016 we printed up a run of ultra-limited edition Ultra-Black Brennivin Hoodies (tonal black ink on a black shirt) and have just a few left for you. It is a lightweight hooded pullover, with the Brennivin logo on the back, and an imprint of Iceland on the sleeve.

In the immortal words of Nigel Tufnel, "It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."

Unisex sizing: S,M,L,XL. Slight upcharge for the XL, as our supplier charges more for that size.

$ 45.00