A Brief History of Brennivin

May 22, 2019 Joe S

In contrast to the colorful French and Italian spirits labels at the time, the government of Iceland demanded a stark black and white label for the newly legal spirit. The intention was to be visually unappealing, and limit demand. 
It didn't work.

Scenes from the Brennivin Tikitail 2018 Competition

January 31, 2019 Jason M

Brennivin Tikitail 2018 from Brennivin America on Vimeo.

Where can I buy Brennivin?

April 04, 2015 Joe S

By far the number one question we are asked is "Where can I buy Brennivin?" The short answer is to check out our regularly updated list here. But if you live in a state where Brennivin is not yet available, hope is not lost. We have a few retail partners that might be able to help you out. East Coast: DrinkUpNY Mountain States: The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole West Coast: K&L Wines More to come. Kær kveðja, Joe